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Nissan Spare Parts and Wrecker

Nissan Wreckers

Being car wreckers, we have a huge collection of car parts for Nissan car or Nissan trucks as well. Phone us and have a talk with our staff, and they would be able to guide you with all your problems and concerns. They will take everything seriously and you will surely benefit from it. Whatever we decide, will be in your best interest.

Used Car Parts

If your car needs some restoration, and you are looking for some extra parts for your car and are not capable of finding it anywhere, you can get it here, at Jap Heaven. We have a compilation of auxiliary parts for all models of your car even if it is ‘too old’.  Principally, we are providing car parts for all models ranging back to 1990. We, at Jap Heaven have all Nissan spare parts you have been looking for till now. Your search will come to an end when you visit us at www.japheaven.com.

We provide our customers with quality spare parts for all types of vehicles. If your car was manufactured 15 years ago and you cannot find spare parts for it, bring it to us. We have parts for older vehicles as well.

Maybe the spare parts you have been looking for are quite rare or may be too expensive to purchase. Here, you can get all the spare parts at a reasonable rate, and we guarantee you that the car parts are all genuine ones. Meaning they are like new but are not. Good price, good quality, trustworthy people, what else do you want?

Mechanical Repair

Are you looking for car services you can trust? We are ready to give your car services, maintenance and mechanical repairs: brakes, clutch, motor fits and so much more. It is better to give your car servicing each month, in order to prevent the costly repair you have to go through later.

Some of the Mechanical Repair Includes:

·         Engine repairs

·         Brakes

·         Cylinders head gaskets

·         Suspension

·         Full engine rebuilds and exchange

·         Steering

·         Transmission

Some Important Features:

·         Used recycled auto spares

·         Qualified mechanics

·         Full dismantling and testing

·         Computerized Nissan spare parts

·         Corrosion proof storage

·         Nissan spare parts guarantee

Nissan Parts Melbourne

We craft you with spare parts that are so indisputable as to augment the life and look of your car. With a huge collection of spare parts, we keep adding new items whenever needed. Even if you necessitate some spare, which we do not have, we can arrange that for you as well.

Nissan Body Parts Finder

Please fill in our online form available to tell us which car part you are looking for. Kindly, fill in the space that asks about the car model, make and type of vehicle you own.