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Toyota Wreckers Melbourne

Here at Jap Heaven, we provide our customers with full servicing and maintenance of Toyota cars, 4WD and other commercial vehicles at a fraction of a price, this ensures that your car is on the top running order. Not only this, we have specialized mechanics who can easily change or makeover the car engines, providing service and maintenance along with that. You can always trust your instincts when it comes to trusting us, because we will never let you down.

Do you have an old Toyota car or another vehicle placed in your home's garage and is kept unused and untouched? Want to get some cash for that old dump? Jap Heaven is ready to pay money to you for your old car. Just give us a call to call our people to help you. We will assist and guide you until you are satisfied with our services. Once you are sure you want to sell your car to us, our services will be at your doorstep as soon as they can. We will pick up your car without charging you any money; instead, we are willing to pay you some amount for the car on the spot.

We will decide for the money only after looking at the condition of your car, but have faith in us; we will surely pay what the car is truly worth of.

So, if you decide on throwing your car away because it is useless, think twice. We are willing to pay cash for that. Just contact us at www.japheaven.com.

Mechanical Repairs:

Brake repairs:  Our team of experts can have a look at your braking system and guide you with any problems it may have. This ensures the best of the performance of the car as well as safety

Air Conditioning Services: Our team here uses branded components to check the Ac’s for any issues. All the work that takes place undergoes a quality assurance system

Exhaust repair: better the engines of the cars, less petrol intake. A more powerful engines also mean better engine quality. We can repair, maintain or fit a new exhaust system of your car. It will never be overlooked

Suspension:  here we make sure that your car is safe to use in terms of steering and suspension. We provide our customers with a detailed report. If you plan a long trip in your car, the suspension check should be done to ensure the optimal performance of the car as well as to reduce the tyre wears, and loss of steering control.

Road worthy Certificates: If you plan on re-registering your car or selling it, it must be able to pass the roadworthy certificate. This is done to check the safety of your vehicle. Cars that are licensed will be able to take up this test.

Before you are given with a certificate, your car is checked for safety in the road for you and others driving. If your car is damaged and in a bad health, you will not be issued with a certificate in Melbourne.